Digibilly Cloud Pay

The PayPal™ Adaptive Payments Instant Commission Script

Digibilly™ Cloud Pay

Instant Affiliate Payment System

Based on the PayPal™ Adaptive Payments API, this self-hosted PHP script, allows you to Instantly Split Payments (Chained Payments) between yourself, Affiliates and JV Partners, fulfill orders with Secure Digital Downloads, hold Dime Sales, issue Coupons and manage everything from your own domain!

Core Features And Functionality

Digibilly™ Cloud Pay is loaded with the Features and Functionality you need to run your online business automatically for an awesome customer experience!

  • Unlimited Products

  • IPN Forwarding

  • JV Profit Sharing

  • Dime Sales

  • Global Product Cookies
  • Unlimited Affiliates

  • Auto Responder Integration

  • Automated Download Links

  • Coupon Codes

  • Affiliate Metrics
  • Instant Commission Payout

  • Self - Hosted (No Fees)

  • Secure Downloads

  • Automatic Refunding

  • Centralized Management

Seamlessly Integrates With ANY Sales Page (Wordpress, HTML, Etc.)

And we don't stop there - we release upgrades to the script every four to six weeks through our Maintenance Program...Guaranteed!

Putting The Cloud To Work For You

Once you install Digibilly™ Cloud Pay on one of your domains, you configure it, enter your product data and then add a simple piece of HTML Code to your sales pages to replace your existing Buy Now Buttons. Then, contact your favorite Affiliates to Register and once you Approve them, they're ready to start promoting ALL of your Products.

Each time someone makes a purchase, if they were referred by an Affiliate, that Affiliate is paid automatically. If you have a JV Partner or two, they're also paid automatically (your customers only see your name and email address at PayPal™).

If you have to Refund a Payment to a customer, in Digibilly™ Cloud Pay the Affiliate and JV Partner Shares are automatically Refunded back to your PayPal™ account and then the Customer's Refund is processed automatically - you never even have to log into PayPal™!

Managing Your Back Office Just Got A Whole Lot Easier :)

The best part is that you manage all of your Sales and Order Fulfillment from one Centralized location - even the Price on the Buy Now Buttons on your sales pages update automatically!

Protect Confidential Business Data

Unlike similar, third-party services, which charge a fee, make the rules and have complete access to your customers and sales data, Digibilly™ Cloud Pay puts you back in the driver's seat. Installed on your domain, YOU'RE in charge and only YOU have access to your confidential customer and sales data.

That Also Means More Profit For YOU Because You NEVER Pay ANY Fees :)

How cool is that? You won't pay any fees per sale or per product, unlike those "Other" Instant Payment Systems. It's bad enough you have to deal with PayPal™ fees - why not cut out one of the middlemen and increase your net profit?

Your Affiliates Benefit Too

Every Affiliate you Approve to promote your products can log into your copy of Digibilly™ Cloud Pay to obtain their Affiliate Links and check Metrics to review performance. To ensure absolute fairness among all Affiliates, Digibilly™ Cloud Pay employs both 24 Hour and 30 Day Cookies.

Instantly Pay Your Affiliates And They'll Work Harder Than Ever :)

System Requirements

Digibilly™ Cloud Pay is a sophisticated PHP script that takes advantage of the newest web-based technologies. However, All of the System Requirements for Digibilly™ Cloud Pay are standardized and available through any reliable Web Hosting Service that offers PHP (5.x and higher) and MySQL (5.x and higher). For more information, please review the Installation Guide (PDF):

Digibilly™ Cloud Pay Installation Guide

Try Before You Buy

Before buying Digibilly™ Cloud Pay, please download it first and try it out in 'Sandbox Mode' (Trial Mode) - see for yourself whether or not it's the right web application for you! When you're satisfied with how just how terrific it is, come on back to this page and purchase a License to Activate it for 'Live' Mode (accepting real payments).

Download Digibilly™ Cloud Pay

How To Purchase

When you click the Buy Now button below (or enter your Coupon Code and click the Buy Now button), you'll be redirected to PayPal™ to complete your payment.

When your transaction is finished, you'll be returned to our site - meanwhile, we'll send a confirmation email to your PayPal™ Email Address with your download instructions and Registration Key (you'll need that to Activate the script).

You're Just 1 Minute Away From Taking Back Control of Your Business :)

If you do not receive an email from us within a few minutes of completing your purchase (be sure to check your spam folder), email us at support@digibilly.com so we can resend it to you :)

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