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Cloud Pay

The Self-Hosted PayPal™
Instant Affiliate Payment System

Automatically Pay Commissions

Based on the PayPal™ Adaptive Payments API, this self-hosted PHP script allows you to Instantly and seamlessly Split Payments. With Chained Payment technology, your Affiliates and your JV Partners automatically get paid their share of the sale or subscription!

Protect Confidential Business Data

Cloud Pay puts you back in the driver's seat. Installed on your domain, YOU'RE in charge and only YOU have access to your Confidential Business Data. You worked hard for those customers - why are you letting third-party Payment Services STEAL them away from you?

Plus NO Recurring Fees - EVER!

You won't pay any fees per sale, per product, per month or per year, EVER, unlike those "Other" Instant Payment Systems. Since you're already paying PayPal™ fees, why would you want to pay even more? Cut out the middleman and start increasing your net profit today!

Putting The Cloud To Work For You

Once Cloud Pay is installed on one of your existing domains, you'll spend a few minutes configuring it and obtaining your PayPal™ Application ID (we show you how). After that, just add a simple piece of HTML Code to your sales pages to replace your existing Buy Now Buttons and you're good to go.

Whenever you're ready, contact your favorite Affiliates so they can Register in Cloud Pay and, once you Approve them, they can immediately start promoting ALL of your Products.

Run Dime Sales, issue Coupon Codes for discounts and guide customers through your Sales Funnel with just a few keystrokes.

Each time someone makes a purchase, if they were a referral, that Affiliate is paid automatically. If you have a JV Partner or two, they're also paid automatically (your customers only see your name and email address at PayPal™ ).

Orders are fulfilled automatically using our Secure Digital Download technology - you control the combination of how many times or days the customer has to download before their Secure Links expire. You NEVER have to worry about someone stumbling onto your secret download location.

If you have to Refund a Payment to a customer, the Affiliate and JV Partner Shares are automatically Refunded back to your PayPal™ account in Cloud Pay and then the Customer's Refund is processed automatically - all from within Cloud Pay!

Managing Your Back Office Just Got A Whole Lot Easier :)

Cloud Pay lets you manage all of your Sales and your Order Fulfillment process from one Centralized location - even the Price on the Buy Now Buttons on your sales pages update automatically!

And speaking of sales pages - it doesn't matter what web-based platform you're using; it works with WordPress and Forums just as easily as it does with any typical HTML-based web page.

Check Out These AWESOME Features

Cloud Pay was designed using the latest web-based technologies and provides a robust set of Features that any Online Digital Business will benefit from.

We're continuing to develop Cloud Pay, adding new Features and Functionality as customers request them as well as following our own long-term strategic plan for implementing and deploying Features you need.

Have a Feature Request or need an Auto Responder added? No problem - just send an email to describing what you're after and if it's feasible, we'll make it happen for you.

Scroll down to review the current Feature list and hover your mouse cursor over each one for addition details. The list is current for Cloud Pay Version 1.00.F, which was released on June 26, 2017.

Recurring Payments Support
Create Subscriptions for your Products and Memberships, including Trial Periods, Fixed Term Payments and automatically split Commissions with Affiliates and JV Partners on a Recurring Basis.

Easily Refund Payments and Cancel Subscriptions right from within Cloud Pay!

24 Currencies
With Cloud Pay, you're NOT limited to selling in US Dollars or GB Pounds - it fully supports the 24 Currencies PayPal™ has approved for use to date:


Affiliate Metrics
Every Affiliate you Approve to promote your products can log into your copy of Cloud Pay to obtain their Affiliate Links and check our "Real Time" Metrics to review their campaign performance.

As the Merchant, you also have access to every Affiliate's Performance Metrics to quickly see who's making an effort and who's not.

Automatic Refunding
Refunds are issued directly from with in Cloud Pay rather than logging into PayPal™ .

When the Refund is executed, PayPal™ automatically Refunds the Affiliate and JV Partner's Share (Commission) back to you and then automatically refunds the full amount paid to the customer.

Auto Responder Integration
Merchants may optionally choose to forward Customer's Names and Email Addresses to a 3rd-party Auto Responder Service. Cloud Pay supports the following services:

Aweber, GetResponse, ImnicaMail, MailChimp, ParaBots and SMS Auto Responder Pro

Centralized Management
Cloud Pay is Centralized, meaning you only need to install it once, on a single domain, regardless of how many web sites you may be selling from.

Once installed, your entire Sales and Order Fulfillment process is managed from that one location, no matter how many products you may have.

Coupon Codes
Easily create and distribute an unlimited number of Coupon Codes to your customers and prospects with special Discounts.

Coupon Codes can be optionally set to Expire automatically and Discounts may be configured as Percentages or specific Amounts off.

Dime Sales
Dime Sales can be created for any or all of the Products you're selling. The Price increases automatically by any Amount you choose after Every n Sales, where n is the Number of Sales to trigger the increase.

Your Buy Now Buttons automatically update and reflect the current Price along with a message that the Price Increases, Every n Sales.

Global Product Cookies
When you Approve an Affiliate in Cloud Pay, he or she can automatically Promote ALL of your Products, so you don't have to waste time reduntantly approving them over and over.

Cloud Pay uses a Cookie schema similar to Amazon - 24 hour and 30 day Cookies to ensure the last Referring Affiliate fairly gets his or her Commission.

Instant Commission Payout
When an Affiliate and/or JV Partner is involved in a sale, PayPal™ automatically executes separate transactions from your account to pay them immediately upon the customer completing his or her payment to you.

This level of Chained Payment Automation forms the core of what Cloud Pay is really all about - it's never been easier and Affiliates especially love it.

IPN Forwarding
It's often beneficial to transfer Payment Data to another web application (a membership for example). Cloud Pay makes that easy to do with its IPN Forwarding Feature.

Just enter the Absolute URL to where you want the Payment Data sent and it will automatically be sent after every sale.

JV Profit Sharing
If you've got a JV Partner or two, you can Configure Cloud Pay to automatically pay them a Share (Percentage) of every single sale, in real time.

This optional Feature eliminates all the extraneous bookkeeping and payment processing you might normally do to pay your JV Partners on a regular basis.

Secure Downloads
Cloud Pay stores your Product Zip Files Securely on your server, so no one can download them without a Secure Link (they can't be indexed by Search Engines).

You control how many Downloads a Secure Link can make as well as how many Days the Link remains Active. Secure Links are created and Expire automatically, so your Products are safe from would be thieves.

Self - Hosted (No Fees)
One of the best reasons to deploy Cloud Pay is simply that it's installed on YOUR server and YOU control it, rather than some third-party who might access your Confidential Customer Data.

As icing on the cake, because it's on YOUR server, you aren't Paying Fees to a 3rd-party to process Instant Commissions for you < Now That's COOL!

Unlimited Affiliates
You can Approve as many Affiliates as you want in Cloud Pay, there's no limit. However, bear in mind that it's not the quantity of Affiliates, but rather the Quality of them.

Cloud Pay also prevents Affiliates from buying through their own Affiliate Link, so you don't have to worry about losing money to discount seekers.

Unlimited Products
There's no functional limit to the number of Products you can add to Cloud Pay. Whether you've got one product or ten thousand or more, Cloud Pay can handle them.

You can also create multiple variations of a Product to test different price points and venues and to give direct discounts.

Cloud Pay Has Everything You Need To Launch Today :)

Comprehensive Documentation

Cloud Pay includes thorough Documentation to not only help you get up and running quickly, but to understand how everything works. We've also included an in-depth guide that details exactly how to apply for and obtain your PayPal™ Application ID.

Cloud Pay Installation Guide

Cloud Pay Configuration Guide

Cloud Pay User Guide

Obtaining A PayPal™ Application ID

Review The Docs For A Sneak Peak At Cloud Pay :)

If you need assistance installing Cloud Pay or have any questions about its operation, just email us at and we'll do our utmost to help you out. And don't worry - we NEVER charge for lending a hand to anyone interested in our products!

Standardized System Requirements

Cloud Pay is a sophisticated PHP script that takes advantage of the newest web-based technologies. However, ALL of the System Requirements for for deploying Cloud Pay are standardized and readily available through any reliable hosting service.

You do NOT need a dedicated server to run Cloud Pay - it works on shared hosting as well as dedicated systems.

CURL 7.x JSON 1.x MySQL 5.x  PHP 5.x 
GD Library 2.x with Free Type ionCube Loader 4.x

If your Web Sever (Hosting Service) does not support one or more of these very basic requirements, ask them to add whatever is missing (they're all free).

Chances Are, You're Already Good To Go :)

Not sure if your hosting service meets the System Requirements? No problem - If you need assistance sorting this out, just email us at and we'll figure it out for you. Don't forget to include the domain name where you're thinking of installing it and your FTP login details.

Stellar Support Every Step Of The Way

We understand that our customers are business people, not technicians. That said, we're committed to filling that technical role for you, so that you can focus on what you do best.

You can buy with confidence knowing that courteous, skilled assistance is only an email away and that you will ALWAYS receive our help within 24 hours (depending on the time of day you contact us).

Cloud Pay includes FREE Lifetime Email Support - no hidden fees, no contracts and no hassles; just great, reliable support, whenever you need it.

To obtain Technical Support for Cloud Pay, send an email to and include all of the relevant details. We'll take it from there and let you know what was wrong, what we did to fix it or we'll contact you for additional information.

Our Customers Are Delighted By Our Service :)

Here's a tip to expedite service: be sure to always include your FTP and Cloud Pay login details as well as the URL of where you installed it, so our techs can go right to work on whatever the issue might be.

Zero Risk - Try Before You Buy

Before you even think about buying it, please consider downloading and installing a fully-functional version of Cloud Pay, just to see for yourself how terrific it really is.

Click the link below to download (nothing to subscribe to - it's a direct download). This version allows you to connect to the PayPal™ Sandbox and explore all of the features and functionality Cloud Pay offers.

Direct Download Link: Cloud Pay 1.00.F

If you need assistance installing Cloud Pay or have any questions about its operation, just email us at and we'll do our utmost to help you out. And don't worry - we NEVER charge for lending a hand to anyone interested in our products!

It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier Than That :)

After trying it out (and of course being more than satisfied with how it works), just come on back to this page and purchase a Cloud Pay License to deploy your Trial Installation for Live Sales.

You'll NEVER See Better ROI Than This

Let's face it - being in business isn't just about making money, it's also about leveraging your resources to get the best possible return on every dime you put into it.

When you rely on a 3rd-party service to manage your Affiliate and JV Partner Payments, you're significantly reducing profits on every sale, for no better reason than you probably didn't know just how EASILY you can manage these payments yourself.

And chances are, you've already got almost everything in place - a PayPal™ Premiere or Business account, a domain, hosting and a sales page.

The only element you're lacking is a way to tie the ribbon on your Sales and Order Fulfillment process to automate Instant Payments to your Affiliates and JV Partners. With Cloud Pay, you don't pay any FEES at all - just a ridiculously low, once off payment for the script itself.

Are You Ready To Be Absolutely Blown Away?

Enter Coupon Code

The price includes the current version of Cloud Pay, FREE Installation, Lifetime Technical Support AND Maintenance Updates. For less than the price of a quick lunch or a movie, you can cut out the middle man and take back control of your business today!

Your Purchase Is Complete - Thank You!

OK, let's go over a few things, just to make sure we're both on the same page. Please spend a few minutes reading this entire page, to understand what to do next.

Firstly, we've just sent an email to the PayPal™ Email Address you used to purchase Cloud Pay. That email contains a Secure Download Link and your Registration Key for Cloud Pay.

That email was sent automatically, about 10 seconds ago and is coming from - it should be in your inbox now. If it's not, check your spam folder to see if it ended up there. If you're using any 3rd-party spam filtering systems, you may need to allow to send you email.

If you can't find the email, contact us at with your PayPal™ Transaction ID and we'll resend it to you (please give us a couple of hours, depending upon the time of day).

Would You Like Us To Install Cloud Pay For You?

We' provide free installations of Cloud Pay for our customers, so if you'd like us to do it, please send an email to with the following information:

That's it - once we receive that information, we will install Cloud Pay on your Domain within 24 hours. If there are any issues that come up, for example something your host needs to do, we'll contact you with the specific details as soon as possible.

Did You Already Install The Trial Version Of Cloud Pay?

If so, you don't need to download or install it again - just enter the Registration Key we issued you in your existing installation to activate Cloud Pay and you're good to go.

NOTE: If you are going to move Cloud Pay to a different location to go live, please do so before Activating it.

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

You're welcome to email us at at any time and we'll get back to you with an answer promptly. Don't be a stranger - we're here to help you :)

Once again, thank you for your purchase of Cloud Pay - we look forward to working with you for a long time to come :)

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